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I created an arbitrary object serializer for JavaScript.
Part of my internship at Nokia Bell Labs.



An optimizing compiler for managed code.




1001WETTAL Languages and Machines

Teaching Assistant, University of Antwerp, Department of Computer Science, 2015

Professor Els Laenens hired me to create exercises and exam questions for the University of Antwerp’s course on regular languages and finite automata. These exercises and exam questions were mostly related to mechanical applications of algorithms that students would have to perform by hand. To ensure that the exercises would be appropriately challenging, I wrote a computer program that generated regular languages/finite automata. The exercise generator automatically assessed how much effort it would take to apply the algorithms specified by the exercises.

COMP 303 Software Design

Teaching Assistant, McGill University, School of Computer Science, 2020

I was a TA for the COMP 303 Software Design course at McGill. My main responsibilities were to both aid and grade groups of students that worked collaboratively on a set of design challenges.

ECSE 324 Computer Organization

Teaching Assistant, McGill University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2020

I designed and presided over ARMv7 assembly programming labs for the ECSE 324 Computer Organization course at McGill. I also ran demo sessions where I graded students based on their understanding of their work.